Mom on the go look❤️

What girl doesn’t love looking cute?! Sometimes I find looking cute and being comfortable and practical don’t always go hand in hand. Today I’m sharing my look on how to dress cute and get ready in hardly no time at all! Ready..set…go! *let your hair airdry! It’s so much better for your hair and takes … Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hello lovely peeps and thanks for taking the time to read my blog! If you know anything about me you know I’m obsessed with HAIR! I’ve been in the hair industry nearly 20 years and know as a hairstylist the confidence good hair brings to women! I love transforming clients..I have even had clients cry … Continue Reading

Valentines ????

I love valentines! Ever since I met my husband we have done something special for valentines. And since we are still newlyweds there’s only 3 thus far. First year it was Florida, last year it was Italy, this year its an overnight stay in LONDON(my favorite city). I think like anything in life when you … Continue Reading