Hi! I’m Rachelle, founder of RStyling and a specialist of the Natural Beaded Rows hair extension method.

I have a personal flair for life. An obsession for beauty and fashion. But a talent for hair. Others describe me as a free-spirited traveller with a passion for fitness and a love for health. I am currently residing just outside of London, UK.

I have over 18 years of experience engineering amazing hairstyles and 13 years in perfecting the Natural Beaded Rows hair extension technique alongside the wonderful DKWstyling. I am excited to announce the grand opening of RStyling’s first ever salon located in the quaint upscale village of Woburn, just 45 miles outside of London.

RStyling is working closely with DKWstyling salon in Laguna Beach, California in the United States to exclusively offer Natural Beaded Rows brand hair extensions. We understand that each customer is unique. That is why upon visiting RStyling, you will experience a total transformation that is specific to your unique features. Emphasizing on what makes you…You.

This includes a customized hair color, a amazing hairstyle, and natural blending hair extensions. We guarantee a complete makeover that will leave you looking amazing and the ease to maintain with tips and tricks from the girl that wears them on a daily basis…yours truly. Natural Beaded Rows will instantly add length, thickness, and volume to your hair.

Enjoy free-flowing and very natural-looking hair with less fuss of the everyday struggle and more simplicity when pulling it up, braiding, etc. Let me concentrate on what makes you unique, so you can reap the benefits of a wonderful new you.