Hi everyone!

Today was a manic day🤣…I love climbing into bed at night when I’m so tired my head can’t wait to hit the pillow! Ahhhh..feels heavenly on my feather down pillow. Makes me grateful for the little things in life. Well tonight I’m sharing my evening routine before bed. I’d love to know your beauty tricks and tips. Dm me or send me an email! Ok..ready…set..sleep! Well not yet;)

1- baths…who says taking a bath is just for kids! I love a warm bath..it totally relaxes me and soothes my body. I love using this Coconut bath salt …I love all things coconut and this is so soothing✨

2- Wash that face! Ladies…girls…woman of all ages! This is a must before bed no matter how tired you are!! You will regret it in the morning..trust me..I know from experience! I could not live without Erase your face cloths! They clean my face so well…and so soothing under some warm water and mild facial cleanser.

3- Lotion! It’s a must for me..I use it all over my body at least once a day and have since my 20’s..I typically put it on after a bath or shower before I get dressed. I love Hempz brand lotion! It’s one of my favs..also love this scent found Here.

4- ok nearly there..brush those teeth! I love electric toothbrushes personally and this one is amazing! Spa sonic toothbrush also a more affordable option found Here.

5- Stay with me..I just started using this delicious anti aging face oil from Sjal I read that JLO uses it..and I had to try it. She looks amazing! I love the feel and it’s so light weight..so far I’m a fan!

6- Take your medicine! Ok not really medicine but I love supplementing with these yummy tasting hair skin and nail gummies from Here Not only do they taste good..I notice when I don’t take them..which means they work!

7- You made it! Bedtime..get your zzzzzz’s on a silky soft pillow cover found Here or Here for your perfect beauty rest. These are so luxurious and lovely to sleep on.

Well there you have it! Enjoy your best nights sleep you deserve it! Night you lovely people! XO


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