Happy Monday everyone! Monday’s are my favorite as you may or may not know. I love a fresh start to the week and I always feel motivated to be productive and get things done! Today I wanted to talk a bit about what works for me. Remember we are all unique and my biggest advice would be “listen to your body”! Simple but so true.


I grew up a dancer, in high school I did drill team, dance company and cheer leading. So being active is second nature to me. I love being busy and I’d say my self diagnosis ADD keeps me moving;). Now that I’m 40 I still love working out, jumping on the trampoline(so good for your lymphatic system) and just being active in general. My typical week consists of yoga, Pilates reformer and cardio although in saying this I’ve started incorporating more weights for my cardio and circuit training. I learned I can get more tone with full motion movements and use it in place of long runs and boring cardio🤣..I love mixing it up..running for more than 15 minutes sounds horrible😩😂..cheers to you that run long distances and marathons…I applaud you👏🏻


People ask me what I eat…it’s completely inconsistent. I get tired of eating the same things..do you?! What is consistent though is my portions. I almost never over eat and I eat when I’m hungry. I love almost all food..but I don’t eat a lot of red meat. I try and listen to my body and I’d say I’ve trained myself to be aware of how certain foods make me feel and what agrees with my body.


Ok do these 3 topics even go together?! For me they do!! Haha..I love cute fitness wear! I don’t know if it effects my workout but in my opinion I’m more motivated if I have something cute to wear while sweating;)

Some of my FAVS include Carbon38 Cocoonthego (use code RStyling for 12% off your order), and Lululemon

Wearing cocoonthego leggings, lululemon sport bra and white wrap top similar found Here

Have a great week everyone and thanks for following along!😘