Welcome to my blog… Apologies for not posting recently! It’s been a busy summer so far with kids and moving🤣

Three years ago I moved to England! After being lined up with my now husband. We were married June 13, 2015 on the beautiful coastline of England in a small castle overlooking the sea..it could not have been more magical. When he asked me if I wanted to get married in a castle..I didn’t have to think too long and hard. I exclaimed “yes” before he even finished the sentence. Crazy how life works… I was previously married 13 years he was married 25 years. We were set up in the fall(autumn as the English say) of 2014. I instantly knew that this was meant to be. After a short courtship we were married the summer of 2015. Trying to do long distance with both of us having careers and children was proving quite difficult! We’d meet in Miami and NYC but overall we just wanted to be together in the same country! Needless to say..he won and convinced me to move to the UK! Little did I know the changes that would come. Blending families, dealing with x spouses, living in a new country. These were all BIG changes. I can honestly say we have overcome many hurdles and there is never a day that goes by that I’m not happy I made the leap of faith to marry my husband and move to the UK! I have made amazing friends along the way..and let’s just talk about England! What a beautiful country! Yah..yah..I know it rains a lot..and if that bogs you down this isn’t the place for you. But man is it pretty! It’s green and lush, has beautiful countryside, architecture is stunning the coastline is magnificent…the history..the food..the theatre! I have come to love this place and the people! Today I’m sharing a few pics from our wedding in Cornwall right at the tip in a place called St Mawes. Hope you enjoy! 😊 xx happy Wednesday everyone!

The crew💕