Happy Friday! Yay..it’s the weekend! What’s your weekend plans?

Today I’m talking fitness. I’m not and expert in this but I do think each of us are so unique and you truly should listen to you body and find what works for you! I grew up a dancer and have been a fitness instructor in kick boxing and Spinning. I love being active but I am into alignment of spine(hence Pilates), flexibility, and strength(yoga) as I get older and less into killing my body with high impact. Overall I love to try new things and keep my body guessing but the one constant thing is and always will be the pilates reformer. To me it’s the core of everything else.

Ok onto home workouts! I think if you are short on time(which is most of us these days) you’d be surprised at the changes you’ll see with minimum time but consistent effort. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to do an hour a day. Start small and be consistent.

Here are my 5 favorites for a Home workout:

1. Mat-This is a basic but must have! I love this 3 mm reversible mat found at Lululemon. It comes in 22 color options and I think it’s definitely worth the price! I have used these for years and love it!

2. Foam roller! These used to kill me when I first started using them but over time they help so much with sore muscles and lactic acid buildup. I find it easier to use at the end of a workout. I got this nike one found Here

3. Stretching bands… I think we all under estimate how important stretching is. It is so vital for not getting injured and staying limber. I use these stretching band found Here which can also be used as resistance bands!👌🏻

4. Pilates ring..oh I love these. Fill the burn! Use them in between your thighs or arms! Found Here

5. Dumbbells: they don’t have to be heavy just enough to work shoulders or add to other exercises for added resistance and strength training. I prefer this set found Here

I hope this helps you get motivated to make a difference and stop making excuses! Cheers to happy healthy bodies and a great week!

Details on my look found below

Leggings: the only leggings I’ll do in white is from cocoonthego..the fit is so nice! Use code Rstyling12 for 12% off your order. Cocoonthego

Top: carbon38 found Here

Hair accessory found Here