Wait do this three go together?😉 work out gear has never been so functional yet fashionable. Sharing today on the blog..

My thoughts on FOOD FITNESS plus my go to’s for functional cute workout clothes!

Hi I’m Rachelle creator of RStyling blog and RStyling Hair. I love everything feminine. But when it comes to working out I’m not afraid to pack a punch. Learning Muay Thai was a whole new experience today. I’ve certified and done many kickboxing classes which I believe helped me this morning in our one to one training.


As you may or may not know I love Pilates reformers, yoga and most things active. I wouldn’t say I’m outdoorsy but I love to work out. My opinion is find something you love so it doesn’t become a chore..it is something you look forward to. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to a gym. It means using your muscles and raising your heart rate. However you do that is up to you!


I feel like there’s always a new fad or a new diet, my theory is eat healthy, eat when you’re hungry and eat in moderation. Have 1 cookie not 10. We are all so unique in body types that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another person…SO listen to your body do what suits YOU! As simple as it is..if you don’t know what healthy looks like..look at a food chart! That is a general rule..but adjust to what fuels your body. I love smoothies from Batch organic they are pre-made so all you need to do is add your choice of liquid(I use almond milk) and blend! I also love G2G bars when I’m on the go! They are quite hardy and fill me up. I’ll use them almost as a meal replacement. 👌🏻


Some of the time what I wear to work out in the morning is what I will still have on later in the day. So I want it to be cute but functional. Some of my favorites include Carbon38, Lululemon and my favorite go to leggings come from Cocoonthego. I wear these to travel as well they are very functional and don’t look like workout leggings!👌🏻

Cheers to happy healthy bodies! Kiss and hug your loved ones and appreciate your health!💕

Top Carbon38

Leggings Carbon38