Happy Wednesday! It’s a rainy day in the UK..shocking I know☔️😉

Today talking about my skin care regimen and sharing some tips. How is it you can get wrinkles and breakouts?! Honestly! I notice my skin is much dryer in the winter and I’m having to find the balance by adding extra moisture.Here are a few things I use when getting a breakout to clear it up straight away.

I notice I breakout mostly because of hormones but also when I’m stressed and or not getting enough rest. Also if I don’t cleanse properly at night this plays a huge factor on my skin!

A lot of my daily skin regime is found Here

All their products are non-acnegenic and great for more mature skin but they also have a line for teenagers that struggle with breakouts! My daughter uses it and her skin instantly cleared up.

I personally use their cranberry cleanser morning and night. EGF if I feel my skin is getting dry. I use their C repair serum as my morning lotion so to say.

I use another product of there’s called BPO…also known as benzoyl peroxide this helps in killing the bacteria that causes acne. This can be drying to the skin though so you’ll need to use EGF (a protein that works to heal and repair the stratum corneum by directly stimulating proliferation of growth factor receptors. The EGF has two other bonuses in that it helps “mop up” free radicals, and also has anti-inflammatory benefits)

Ok I know I go on about this but my FAV product is still retina! I have used it for a long time..yes it thins the skin so you MUST wear sunscreen but if used consistently it here are some benefits:

*plumps the skin

*prevents aging

*makes skin more glowy and even

*improves acne and slows oil production

*its inexpensive

I use a prescription strength but I also think this product is a great option.

Next..for those stubborn zits that you either picked at a bit or see it coming..I love these Blemish dots that you can actually sleep with on.

I’m always switching up my eye serums but I’m addicted to eye pads..particularly these Skyn Iceland ones! They feel amazing on! The perfect fix after a late night.

Lastly there’s a couple other products I love at the moment. First this Jade face roller ..I keep it in the fridge. Feels amazing..it’s a mini massage for your face and instantly de puffs! 👌🏻👌🏻 and then there’s the outer space masque..haha…if I feel like I have 15 minutes to chill out at home I wear This. It’s not the most comfortable thing to lie around in but I can definitely feel it working!👌🏻 Last thing I promise..I love love this Rose water spray. If my skin is feeling a bit dry or I just need a spray of something lovely and refreshing I use this! Obsessed💕

Ok with all that said we should have perfect..amazing..beautiful skin;)

Remember..here are some of the most basic but make a world of difference

*drink water

*sleep 8 hours

*manage your stress(working out) etc

*wash your skin thoroughly each night before bed

Cheers to radiant beautiful skin!