Happy Monday! Well today started out sunny but turned into rain..very typical UK weather.☔️ As I was reflecting on how different we all are and how choices make up the sum of our lives. Yesterday we talked about “moments” in life. And how a simple choice can change our lives dramatically. As we all look back and reflect I’m sure we can see how different choices have led us to where we are!

I love that we are the creators of our own destiny and outcome..scary how much power we have when you really think about it. Yes I agree sometimes we receive the reaction of other peoples choices but ultimately we decide how we let it affect us.

Being a single mom was one of the hardest things I’ve endured to this point. Yes I know others have had harder trials but for me this was a big one! Having the weight of providing for three little girls on my own seemed overwhelming until I realized how strong and determined I was. It was a reminder to me and still is that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to. And the key for me was to believe that something good was always around the corner!

So sharing with you today my look of the day but also 5 things that kept me going

1. Someone always has it worse than you! I know..it’s something your mom would say;)(I am a mom)but it’s true! A great time for me to experience this was on my humanitarian trip to Ethiopia.

2. If our minds can create almost anything why not use it to our advantage..this doesn’t come without a bit of effort but try it! Write down things you want to achieve (even in the next week even) write it down, put a picture of it..and watch it come to be!

3. Serve others-we are having a family over that lost their father at Christmas time. I love cooking so for me this is easy and lets them know we are thinking of them. It always makes me smile to help someone.

4. Be kind- simple but true..when you want to be mean and even if you are justified in it..be kind and communicate.

5. There are always highs and lows in life. Appreciate the good times and know that bad times don’t last forever!

Have a great day everyone..sending love to those who need it..wait that is all of us😉💕

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