Happy Thursday! This week is flying by. I’m feeling so productive waking up at 3am every morning due to jet lag..the downside is I’m exhausted abs ready for bed by 8pm. Hopefully I’ll get into a more regular sleep schedule soon. I’ve had lots of questions about what I do for fitness, how I eat, what I eat, how do you eat out and be healthy? Answering all those questions on the blog today!🤗

1. Question “how do you travel so often and stay in shape?” Well first I love exercise..I love everything about it..yes there are days I don’t want to but mentally it feels so much better once I have exercised. So for me working out while traveling is the best! You aren’t as limited on time, you enjoy it more, nowadays most hotels have a gym inside them but if not I’ll go outside for a walk/run, do push-ups/sit ups in the room and some light stretching.

2. Question “how do you eat healthy while eating out?” Simple..make healthy choices. You are always at choice when eating out. Choose veggies over the fries, eat fish instead of a burger, don’t order dessert or if you do have a few bites not the whole thing.

3. Question “what does your weekly workout program look like?” Typically I work out 4-5 days a week. It consists of running, elliptical weights etc in my home gym, Pilates reformer at Pilatesworksstudio, and yoga(preferably hot yoga).

4. Question “where do you get your workout clothes?” I love dressing cute to workout..maybe it’s weird maybe it’s not..but for me it’s motivation and I believe when you feel good and look good you try harder and are better. Some of my favorite places include lululemon, cocoonthego(their leggings are👌🏻), carbon38, alo yoga, noli yoga, and Nike for shoes.

Pilates to me is working out smart

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Joseph Pilates quotes:

“Not only is Health a normal condition but it is our duty to not only attain it but maintain it

“You are only as Young as your spine is flexible”

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worth while endeavor.”

“It is the mind that shapes the body”