Hello! Thanks for popping by or welcome back.. it’s already Tuesday and I’m trying to figure out where Monday went. In a world of fast paced lives I’m always looking for time savers when it comes to getting ready, and today on the blog are some that I do!

1- wear your hair up…well first off I always sleep with my hair up..either in a loose messy bun or a high pony. I don’t like sleeping with it in my face..but not only that I find it looks nice they next day when I take it out..the curls stay nice and it gives it a bit of body or volume.

2-throw on a hat..if you aren’t a hat person… Become a hat person😉 I love everything from woolly hats to baseball caps! I think they’re the perfect accessory! My favorite trend at the moment is the baker boy hat👌🏻

3-lips and mascara-if I don’t have a lot of time these are the areas that I think make a difference. I personally where lash extensions that I get filled every three weeks. I also have my lips permanently tattooed so without doing anything in the mornings I can look like I have a bit of make up on. I recommend throwing on some mascara and lipstick if nothing else to give you a bit of color and make your eyes pop(this is something I learned from working at Estée Lauder when I was in hair school)

4-plan your outfit the night before…I know it seems silly but it’s such a time saver and when I don’t do this I find myself changing multiple times and wasting time.

5-wash your hair at night..this isn’t ideal as I love freshly washed hair but if I know I’m going to be crunched for time, I wash it the night before let it air dry overnight and add some curls in the morning!

Hope you find this helpful and thanks for popping by..have a great week. Cheers! Xx

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