Just went to the dermatologist and sharing skin care tips. As you’ve read in previous post I’m a big advocate of Retin-A for your skin.

There’s many favors that effect our skin..genetics, diet, stress..etc..etc. With that said I think it’s about the daily things we do that make the difference.

*wash your face every morning and every night.

*eat healthy and supplement your diet with a multi vitamin

*use retin-a as your daily night cream(I started this in my 20’s but it’s never too late)

*drink lots of water

*wear sunscreen on your face

Don’t waste your money on expensive creams and serums that promise quick results!

The things to invest in

*retina cream-I use prescription strength

*botox and fillers

*a good vitamin c. I use Corrective skin

*treatments-micro needling, Caci facial treatment

Have a lovey weekend and cheers to beautiful vibrant skin!😘😘

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