Happy Friday! The sun is out here in the U.K. And it’s so lovely! Such a beautiful country when it’s sunny. Straight to it today as I’m going to get out and play in this gorgeous weather. 

First of all I love this quote..it perfectly pertains to most things but specifically today about the topic of health. “Consistency is the key to success” 

1-move your body!! I know it sounds simple..but everyday do something active! If you hate working out..find something you love. Jump on a trampoline, go for a walk, play with your kids, anything! You will feel so much better and your body will give of endorphins(natural pain and stress fighter). 👍🏻

2- eat consistently-don’t starve yourself, and don’t overeat. I think the key is to making good choices everyday.

3-eat natural-try to eat things that are minimally processed. I don’t personally eat a super strict diet..but I like to eat healthy..because when I do..my body feels better, my brain works better and overall I have a more positive outlook on life!😊

4-drink more water and less of all the other stuff..I know it sounds boring and I totally get it but find ways to like it(add natural ingredients or mix ins) I personally like lemon, any kind of fruit, and mint) 

5-sleep! Sounds silly but try to rest your body..when your body is over tired and stresssed you will have a harder time losing weight because it’s in survival mode. Be nice to your body and try to get 8 hours of sleep. If I have trouble sleeping I sometimes take some melatonin..but find what works for you.

Thanks for stopping by! Sharing my favorite workout apparel and all the detail below! Xx

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