Happy Wednesday..I’m back from America and had the best birthday surprise. My husband planned a getaway to my hometown which is Salt Lake City Utah..that part I knew…but the rest was a great surprise!🙈

We took off Friday and landed in Salt Lake City Friday evening..where we enjoyed an amazing home cooked meal at my parents from my mom(who is known for her fabulous cooking-at home with Gail on IG). And turned in for an early night due to a bit of jet lag(but not before a quick trip to Nordstrom and an iceberg ice cream)..the binge eating Birthday had begun;)

Saturday was non stop action and my actual birthday. I started with 6am yoga due to the fact my internal clock was off and to me it was already Saturday afternoon. I went to my favorite spot Core Power Yoga (one of my favorites for convenience and quality) and wore one of my new leggings from my fall shipment of   Cocoonthego (Now available in the U.K. Sold exclusively through RStyling). Next it was off to breakfast with family at the yummy Original Pancake house (my favorite thing being the strawberry fruit crepes😋). By this time it was 10am and it was home to shower and get ready for…H20 blowdry…where my sisters, sister in laws, nieces and mom met to get a blow dry style.💁🏻 Now that we were all beautified we headed to the Grand America where I was met by my girlfriend for a delicious lunch and lots of catching up. So far it was the perfect day filled with lots of surprises. After lunch we relaxed by the pool giving us time to rest before…the big surprise!!!

At 6:30pm we(sisters, daughter, nieces) were picked up by a limo and I was blind folded until arriving at the next destination..with no clue what to expect other than the fact they were playing country music on the way there (that had me now wondering).. at 7pm we arrived at Wheeler Farm where 70 friends and family awaited to surprise me! What a fun surprise indeed…I loved it! The place was decked out in county western decor, lights, party favors, place setting that included cowboy hats..it was awesome! We enjoyed a catered BBQ and lime dancing lessons. It was an evening I’ll never forget! Cheers to birthdays and reasons to celebrate! Lots of Love #RStyling 


H20 blow dry

Lunch with friends 


Girlfriends 💛

The Party🎉