Hello! Happy Thursday! Loving all this sunshine in England..such a beautiful country when it’s sunny!☀️😊Today on the blog talking about self love..this is a funny one for woman. We are constantly comparing and feeling inadequate. And social media doesn’t help because we compare everyone’s  highlight real with our worst moments. Let me tell you nobody is perfect. We are all flawed imperfect humans. Just in case you were wondering.;) I will say the older and wiser I get the more I choose only to spend time with those that I want to spend time with. We do a lot together as a family and I would say my husband is my best friend. I know I can always rely on him and I love that! My friend shared a post out of a book called “white hot truth” and I’d like to share it “loving yourself doesn’t guarantee you’ll be loved” As a self celebrating person you may and will really annoy some people. You will be misunderstood-even thought of as arrongant. When you love yourself enough to say “this is acceptable in my life and this isn’t”. You will become unacceptable to others, especially those that push your boundaries. You will also become a magnet for real love and respect. Don’t dilly dally with haters. Choose to spend your time and energy on those that make you want to be better. Surround yourself and be a person that is so busy improving your own life you don’t have time to worry about those that don’t. I find being grateful always makes me happy. Focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t have. 

Ok well..that was a heavy topic today! Now onto photos! I went to the sculpture gallery near my house and it was absolutely beautiful! Sharing pics from my visit with details below. Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!❤

Shorts Similar found here

Blouse Self portrait

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Photography Shaneen