Happy Saturday on this cold day! Brrrr❄️

 Well I’m normally talking about my favorite topics which include HAIR (hair extensions) and FASHION but  today I’m connecting with my inner zen to bring you the top 10 ways I personally find inner peace and happiness! Let’s skip right to it…in no particular order 

#1 Exercise

I try and do this everyday..even if it’s 20 minutes. Not only for my physical well being but my mental well being. I like doing it first thing in the morning and feel it always gets me in the right frame of mind to make good decisions with my eating as well as helping me have a productive day. Somehow expending energy gives you more energy.
#2 Eating Healthy

They say you are what you eat..don’t know if I agree but it for sure effects my mood and eating a nutrient dense diet just makes sense. Now that it’s cold outside I love starting the day with a cup of hot water and fresh lemon squeezed in it. It’s very cleansing and just balances my PH and gets me ready for the day. I don’t have a strict regimen other than I try to make good decisions throughout the day..a piece of fruit instead of candy, and I almost always carry snacks so I don’t get to the point of starving and eat everything in site. 

#3 Gratitude 

This I believe is so key in life. After serving a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia and seeing all the poverty you can’t help but feel gratitude for the little things in life. At the time I was a single mom and felt life was very difficult, this trip gave me great appreciation for what I did have and what I was able to accomplish on my own. Everyday I think of things to be grateful for. It’s hard to be negative with this perspective.

#4 Purpose

Nobody can give you passion or purpose in life. It is something that’s developed and worked for. We all have unique talents that make us who we are. It’s what we do with those talents. As we share our talents with others it then enriches our own lives. I was lucky to have 2 amazing parents that were examples and taught me the value of hard work and independence.

#5 Have fun

For those that know me…I think a word they would use is “free Spirit”. I’ve always drummed to my own beat. I believe having fun, being spontaneous and embracing life are the only way to live. We are the creators of our experiences here on earth so why not learn how to let your hair down and have fun! Takes chances and believe that anything is possible.

#6 Let go

In life we crave the ability to control every aspect and when things don’t go the way we think they should we worry and stress about it. Let go of the things you can’t control and don’t matter, focus on being the best version of yourself. I love that saying that says..”be so busy improving your own life that you don’t have time to criticize others”. We are always happiest when we put no attachment of others negativity towards us. I find in life the problem usually lies within themselves and not me. Be happy and carry on and never respond right away to negativity. Take time to process it then respond. And don’t sweat the small things in life.????

#7 Love

This is a BIG one. In order to love fully you must first love yourself. This was a difficult one for me…after getting married at the young age of 19 almost 20. In my first marriage I married the man that I was always having to prove myself, the one who was the most awful to me during our dating. Why is it that girls want to marry jerks?! Ladies..listen up! Marry the man who is your best friend, who treats you like a princess, who is thoughtful, kind, funny. Those attributes never grow old. And I’m happy to say after four years of being a single mom and learning to love myself. I chose the man of my dreams and was married last summer in a castle off the coastline of England! What girls doesn’t dream of that????❤️

#8 independence 

This is another BIG one for me! Girls and Boys..don’t get married young! I’m very adiment about this one. Take time to experience life, travel, persue a career, find a passion! Find yourself before you find the perfect partner to share your life with. Become independent. It’s such an attractive quality. There is such satisfaction in accomplishing things on your own. It isn’t something someone can give you, it’s earned.

#9 meditate

This is different for everyone. For me it’s when I do yoga or go for a run. I’m able to zone out everything around me and be inspired. My most creative ideas happen when this takes place.

#10 God/Spirituality 

To me this is such a personal thing. We are all on our own journeys and here to experience life. To keep things in perspective..I  go to church on Sundays(I’m of the Mormon faith). I believe there is more after this life. I have a personal relationship with God and look to him as my Father in Heaven. I believe in having integrity, being kind, serving others and being an example. I’m nowhere near perfect but each day I try to be better.