Hi and welcome to RStyling! First of all if you are new..WELCOME and if you’ve stopped by before welcome back!  Today’s topic is HAIR EXTENSIONS!  I moved to the UK one year ago and opened the first are styling salon in May of this year.  A lot of people have asked what is different about your hair extension technique and what sets it apart from the rest!  Today hopefully I will answer some of those questions… When you are looking to get hair extensions that can be very overwhelming. Where do I start…what’s the best method…what’s the best type… who does the best color so it matches and blends…many unanswered questions. Here is a bit about my background.  I have been in the hair in the street for 19 years and I have always loved hair anything to do with hair!  My motto is “if you have good hair everything else falls into place”.  So why is natural beaded rows different here are a few facts that set it apart. We use hair that is sewn in, people think this is for African-American hair or thick coarse hair the reason why it is NOT is because our technique uses a weft that is so thin and fine at the top it’s almost weightless when applied. It’s put in a horseshoe shape. And it’s colored and cut to blend and look seem less with your own hair. I’ve heard it describes as “weightless” “seemless” “easy” “not damaging”. It’s the perfect solution for women wanting longer thicker hair with less daily fuss and easy manageability. As a consumer of the product now for nearly 14 years it continues to evolve and gets better and better. But don’t take my word for it…ask my clients or better yet..come try it!????????

At RStyling we aim to give each client a personalized experience that will leave you coming back for more.

Cheers to happy girls and beautiful hair! ❤️



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