Top beauty secrets

Hi! Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. Can’t wait to share more on the blog about our trip to Australia over New Years. Speaking of New Years..what’s your goals?! Look forward to sharing mine. I love this article on goal writing! Found here It’s so profound and relevant especially this time of year. Onto … Continue Reading

Hair Care for Hair extensions

Hello and happy Friday!!! Sharing all the best of the best hair tips today! Ok in no particular order here you go: 1-wash less- I personally find washing my hair too frequent dries it out and a bit of a pain. I try to wash it every other or third day..get creative, wear a hat, … Continue Reading

Date night look ❤️

❤️ the detail on this dress😍 of my favs. Dress: Self portrait Yay! It’s Friday! One of my favorite days.. After a crazy week of kids, work, stress and life I look forward to this time with my husband. Because we are both on our second marriage and have 7 kids between us, jobs and … Continue Reading

Mom on the go look❤️

What girl doesn’t love looking cute?! Sometimes I find looking cute and being comfortable and practical don’t always go hand in hand. Today I’m sharing my look on how to dress cute and get ready in hardly no time at all! Ready..set…go! *let your hair airdry! It’s so much better for your hair and takes … Continue Reading

5 ways to be healthy

Happy Friday! The sun is out here in the U.K. And it’s so lovely! Such a beautiful country when it’s sunny. Straight to it today as I’m going to get out and play in this gorgeous weather.  First of all I love this perfectly pertains to most things but specifically today about the topic … Continue Reading

Easy breezy summer Hair💙

HAIR is such a big deal for girls..if we have a good hair day we feel like we can achieve anything!;) well..almost. It makes such a difference in the way we feel about ourselves. My favorite thing about styling hair is making women feel more confident and beautiful! With hair extensions specifically the technique/hair I … Continue Reading

Hair Extension care

Happy Monday! It’s a bank holiday here in the U.K. And all the kids are off and we are headed to Lego land!😀 Today I wanted to talk about my favorite hair care products. If you have hair extensions you know they need a bit extra TLC. So in no particular order here are some … Continue Reading

Self love❤

Hello! Happy Thursday! Loving all this sunshine in England..such a beautiful country when it’s sunny!☀️😊Today on the blog talking about self love..this is a funny one for woman. We are constantly comparing and feeling inadequate. And social media doesn’t help because we compare everyone’s  highlight real with our worst moments. Let me tell you nobody … Continue Reading

How to get the perfect picture📷

HI! Thanks for joining I’m talking about how to get great photos! Don’t get me wrong I love a good selfie as much as the next girl;) but that’s another topic! This post is more for those who want to promote their product or use social media as a tool for business. I’ve learned … Continue Reading

Easy ways to improve your health

Happy Monday everyone! After a weekend of not eating well (lots of cake for my daughters birthday😉)I’m always motivated to eat clean when the beginning of the week rolls around. I get asked often..what do you do? What do you eat? What do you do for exercise? Answering those questions today and sharing details of … Continue Reading